2001 Grand Marquis LSE

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Dot at top left is infrared emitter aiming at the radio

So what's an LSE?

The LSE model includes the handling & performance package with firmer shocks & air ride for the rear. You get dual exhaust
for 235 (from 220) hp and 276 (from 265) torque and 3.27 rear gears, plus the torque converter from a Mustang GT / Lincoln Mark VIII. You also get
dual power bucket seats with center console & shifter. This isn't your grandparents' Grand Marquis! All it takes to put it at Mustang-level power
is a quick computer modification, either by a chip or programmer. Now I have firm, instant shifts, extended rpms in each gear (shifts out of 2nd at 90),
and no top speed limiter.

Superchips Micro Tuner from Innovative Interceptors
Ported upper intake from ADTR
K&N drop-in filter
Removed intake snorkel

Track results:
1/8th mile

9.9 @ 73, 2.45 60 ft.

2003 front grille swap:

What nobody tells you is the 2003 grille actually doesn't fit the previous models. I found that out after I shelled
out the $100 for a new grille. So, I drilled new mounting holes and used self-adhesive weatherstripping to fill the gap. Even
then, only one of the studs has room to allow a nut to fit. Still, it isn't going anywhere. You don't notice the gap unless you're
within a foot or so, and then only when you're looking for it.

Other Grand Marquis' in the family.