Fuel Pump Relay Bypass

Give your fuel pump extra voltage
by John Moore

Before this mod I measured 8 volts at idle and only 10.8 at WOT using the FP test terminal. After the mod it went to 12 volts at idle and 11.75 at WOT.

Stolen pic :)

Where to find the relay

The relay has a rubber cover that holds it to the fenderwell. Pull the relay towards the firewall to remove it, then peel off the rubber cover. Unplug the relay from the harness.

Using a short jumper wire with flat blade connectors crimped on each end, connect the following two terminals on the plug:

Use electrical tape to cover all the other terminals and to hold in your blade connectors.

An alternate, more permanant solution would be to cut those two wires from the plug and connect them with crimp connectors or solder.