Cobra Star
John's 2000 Lincoln Continental
"It's got 8 cylinders and uses them all"

Still going strong at 15 years old -- Now with HID Projector retrofit!

  • 4.6 liter DOHC - same as the Cobra
  • Bucket seats with center console shift
  • Adjustable ride & steering control
  • Six-body trunk

Does it deserve the CobraStar emblems? I think so. By 2000 the Continental's 4.6 liter was equipped with the "C" heads, the best-breathing of all the stock 4-valve 4.6 heads. It lost the variable intake manifold runners (IMRC) found on older versions. The powerband is broad and the programmer undoes all the "detuning" done when the engine is used in FWD form, then it adds a little more just to be sure. Shift points are raised, netting me 5+ more mph in each gear over a stock car with shift firmness bumped up as well.

The comfy interior:

No more kilometers!

Simply covering the center portion of the speedometer's source (the projector side of the gauges at the top) with black vinyl cut in a semi-circle makes a quick and easy way to delete the green kilometer scale for a super-clean cluster. It's easy to do and quickly reversible if you don't like it.

Custom startup screen for the nav:

Paint those mufflers!

A little satin black paint makes the car look soooo much better. Rusty-colored bathtub-sized mufflers make any car look old and worn out.

New tires: Sumitomo HTR A/S P01

Sorry, no pics of them on the car but these are a fantastic tire choice for these cars. Lots of grip, excellent highway ride, and they're about $80 each. I even chose "only" H-rated because let's face it, this car isn't going over 130 mph for any period of time!